Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mr Sparkle's Dark Un

Thanks to sportsunday for the photo
I'd read about this last year as lots of people I know from twitter ran it and Mr Sparkle the organiser is someone I know from mountain biking and I had thought it sounded interesting. But me do a fell run? Anyway I have been trying to keep up my running and I've mainly been running off-road so I decided to give it a go. Ali fancied it as well and we decided to stick together. I knew a lot of the course from riding in the area and it was fun to run. The ground was very hard with just a little bit of ice which the marshalls did a fantastic job of warning us about. In fact the marshalls were amazing the whole way round, cheering and guiding us on. We both finished with big grins on our faces and now I'm thinking of doing some more fell races!

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