Saturday, 23 February 2013

Less muddy Morley miles

Another Garage Bikes girls ride today, Sarah hasn't been well so I'd offered to lead it for her. Ali kindly gave me a lift over so I could get there early enough to pre-ride the route. With it being so cold the usual mud was frozen and it was fast going. Although the second half was muddier.

We set off waving goodbye to poor Sarah. There were ten of us out in total. The weather was cold and it snowed a bit. Getting back to the shop there were cream eggs, dougnuts and cakes to be eaten.

Another lovely ride.


  1. Great picture too. Lovely houses. We must try and get to this area for the summer. Any good campsites that are near a town, as my wife is not a cyclists?

  2. Not sure as I'm close enough to get the train over. But its not far from Leeds.