Friday, 8 February 2013

Commuting this week

The rota this week had me working quite far away. Ainsdale, Wythenshaw, Southport and Maghull. Unfortunately previous plans to run on Monday meant I got the train with Colin, we rode out along the Coastal Road only after we were riding for a while did we realise the road must be closed as nothing had come past us and normally its busy. Turns out that it was closed for flooding but it only covered part of the road. The ride took longer than expected due to Col's bike feeling odd. Turns out the wheel he had built had gone baggy!

Tues was Wythenshaw and the slush and hail. I covered five miles in an hour! Nightmare, the roads were practically unrideable and I got really cold. Train home!

Wednesday once again was train as I was night riding in the evening. Thursday I wasn't working so that just left today. 58miles in total and perfect weather. I was glad I had spent time yesterday cleaning kiwi, putting new brake pads on and sorting out the chain tension!

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