Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The why did it happen post

One of the first things people ask me is how it happened and I really am not sure. But that hasn't stopped me thinking about if I had done things differently that day, or if I was the cause of the crash. Orginally I ignored these thoughts as they don't help. But I decided writing them down will probably help me move on. What I remember of the actual crash is very little, the descent in question I have rode numerous times before, yes it is a little rough and I brake all the way down but I've never felt out of control. I must have been pushed off=line by a rock or something because I was heading towards a wooden post and then when I corrected I crashed, it was all so fast. Which probably explains why I broke my collarbone as if it was a slower speed crash I would have hopefully not broken it.

That evening I had been meant to be mountain biking in Calderdale, but not having had a great night or morning I cancelled, I decided I had been pushing myself a bit too much and that an early night would be a good idea, especially as I had to pack for the weekend. Neither my mountain bike or cross bike were ready to ride (my mountain bike needed the rear tyre changing after the weekend in Kielder and I had a front wheel puncture on the cross bike which I nursed home on the wednesday evening). Ali kindly fixed the puncture on my cross bike to help me get to work, I was having one of those days. Riding in I just wanted to go home and to bed and a tiny part of me worried that I wanted to crash. But I'm sure that wasn't the case. I wasn't even going fast down the descent and my thoughts had been more of stopping and going home. I did think maybe I wouldn't have crashed if I had been on the mountain bike but then I wasn't on uber technical terrain, I have rode this route to work lots.

It is just one of those things and I realise that just sometimes the doubts creep in a little bit. Now its just a case of doing everything right and hope that my bones heal quickly.


  1. It was just bad luck. Shit happens. You'll come back stronger than ever :)

    We'll go for a ride once you're mended.

  2. I am a regular reader of your blog but not commented before. It was an accident Trio. They happen. Stop beating yourself up about it. (I empathise with the beating up thing because it is a specialist skill of my own). With the amount of riding you have under your belt a rest won't do you any harm. A couple of weeks back on the bike and you will be 'mega'.

  3. Sorry to hear about your shoulder, get well soon. DOn't let it get you down, stay positive.

    Where did it happen?