Monday, 7 May 2012

Afternoon Tea time

Somehow I persuaded Ali she wanted to ride over to Newcastleton today. But before we went I had to do something with my rear tyre as I had slit it yesterday (amazingly I didn't get a puncture though). As I was so useless with the packing I didn't have a spare tyre with me so I used some duck tape. It seems to have worked, well I got through the days riding fine but will change the tyre before my next ride.

Setting off just as it stopped snowing, does the weather not know its May? We headed out in the usual direction, Ali was making it clear she was a little sore. Up Lonesome Pine at a split where we always go right we went left, took is to one of the climbs on Bloody Bush, always nice to go a slightly different way. We also rode the new section of singletrack from yesterdays ride, it felt slightly better on the second riding. Still very tight and twisty but there was certainly less hate and thinking I would avoid it. Probably the difference between trying to race it and just riding it.

We crossed the border and Ali was getting a little tired, fortunately we started descending here. It doesn't take long before you join the blue trail. Ali got her second wind here and flew along the singletrack, I couldn't catch her! Onto the road we dropped down to Newcastleton for afternoon tea at Copshaw Kitchen. As always they completely spoilt us and the thought of moving never mind riding back to Kielder was difficult. We took the easier option of riding back on the road so as to protect my tyre and Ali's legs.
Another 35miles but slightly less climbing and a little more relaxed riding today.

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