Friday, 4 May 2012

April Roundup

Well April.......

Dominated really by two events. The first was 24Solo, although I knew my lead up to it wasn't great, I wasn't fit enough when it came to hilly riding and my head was in the completely the wrong place I put in a reasonable ride and was so happy to end up on the podium. (Might be the only time I can say I podiumed in a European Championships). The other wasn't so much fun and involved me spending three days in hospital and just over a week off work. Both of these events meant less riding, with a 24solo the week before is tapering and afterwards is recovering. The main result was a lot less road miles but off-road miles were reasonable, riding a 24hour race helps with that.

So the numbers:

Road Cycling:         191miles
Mixed Cycling:       55miles
Off-Road Cycling:  268miles
Total Cycling:      514miles

Running:              5.66 miles (managed to get started with the running again so now to keep it up)
Swimming:           1.6miles (need to get back in the pool after a couple of weeks off)

So May. Well miles are likely to go up with commuting but I want to make sure I am riding off-road at least once a week,  I love being out in the hills and this year I seem to have done a little too much road riding to fit in the off-road miles. Having started running I want to keep it up, it's good for me to do something different to just cycling and it will be useful for an event I have entered in June.

Talking of events I had planned to do some concentrated training, but at the moment I am just concentrating on being well and enjoying riding once things settle down I will have to think about hills etc

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