Friday, 21 October 2011


When the rota came out for this week I was a bit gutted, I had been taken off my school in Southport and sent to one in Kirby. I had really been looking forward to riding to Southport, especially after oversleeping last week and getting the train. Route plotting was difficult and I struggled to avoid the East Lancs, I managed to plot a route but I wasn't sure how rideable it would be on a road bike.

I'd got as far as middlebrook when I punctured (front tyre again so may be time for a new tyres). New tube and I headed to Wigan and then out towards Rainford. I stopped for a geocache that apparently had a view over to Jodrell Bank but it was too hazy to see. It's the real problem with riding to Merseyside is that I miss the sunrise as it's behind me! Through the lanes and the next thing I know is i'm on the East Lancs, at least it was a short section. All in all it was a nice commute.

After a lovely day, due to lovely kids I still ended up outside in the rain, I left to ride to Manchester to meet loads of work peeps for a belated celebration for Mary's birthday. I managed to pick up another geocache and avoid the East Lancs, which made the route slightly longer and hillier and ended up with me lifting a muddy bike over a fence. Still its nice to have a trio adventure on the commute.

I met up with Ali, she hadn't brought her bike which confused me a little, and we headed to the pub where I changed out of lycra so I looked a little less of a bike geek. Eventually we all moved to the all you can eat chinese where as usual I ate way too much! I couldn't help myself when it came to the chocolate cake though. I was glad that with Ali there I didn't even have to think of riding home.

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