Friday, 28 October 2011

Getting some miles in

I'm currently down in Cornwall with Ali visiting my velocake pals. We've done more geocaching (post about this once I get home) but the last couple of days have involved the bikes. Yesterday we went to Lizard point. Ali and Katie went in the car while Mikey and I rode there and back giving us 55miles. For some reason I still didn't sleep brilliantly. Today we all went out, I had ice cream in Mousehole, the others had cake. Then we headed up to see the Merry Maidens stone circle to leave a travel bug that is trying to visit as many stone circles as possible having started at Stonehenge. From there we grabbed some food and then headed back. 26miles on the computer. Mikey and I then headed out for a quick 19miles giving me 45miles. Some miles were just what I needed and eventually i'm getting less anxious and more relaxed.


  1. hi amy,

    do you suffer from depression and anxiety? you do seem to mention feeling up and down in your blog.

    hope you ok.



  2. Yes Shaun,
    mentioned more on twitter than here, have another blog for boring stuff like that.

    I'm fine. Just had a great holiday.


  3. sucks doesn't it? chin up.

    shaun x

  4. Cycling is a great help!

    I also would never have got so fit, this blog kind of started with my recovery although it doesn't mention it much it is in there.

    Bike is all ready for winter now, just need some nice commutes.

    Hope your course is going well.