Sunday, 9 October 2011

Not a very good bike courier

What I was doing yesterday at work kept changing and in the end I wasn't needed in a school so I volunteered to drop off all the Bolton files for the schools next week. I'd collected them on Thursday and then spent some time plotting a route, it was great fun and reminded me of how much I had enjoyed Critical Path Analysis when I had studied Decision Maths.

Friday morning, files in my panniers in order I set off, school one done I rode back past my house to school two. This was fun, another couple of schools and then it was school six, riding up and down the road it was meant to be on but there was no sign. I asked a couple of people but they couldn't even think of a primary school nearby. In the end I rang the office, turns out the school had moved.

A couple more schools and a shortcut through Moss Bank Park and I was on my way to the office, two files dropped off in Salford and I was done. A quick look at my average speed, wow how slow? Don't think I could make my living doing it but it was good fun and much better than someone dropping them off in a car!

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