Sunday, 2 October 2011

September round-up

So September, on the 1st I started a new job (which to be fair isn't that different to the old one but is permanent!) It was also the kielder100, which I finished. I then went away for a week and left the bike at home followed by another week of using the brompton and keeping the miles down. It wasn't long before the miles to schools went up (at first I was based close to home) and I was adding up the miles.

The end of September wasn't great with no three peaks due to illness and then this injury to my back. The good news being it is a lot better today! Heat treatment seemed to really help yesterday so I'll keep going with that and the ibruprofen as that is apparently meant to help. Fingers crossed that it will be fine.

So the numbers:

Mountain Bike: 123.1miles (24.67singlespeed)
Cyclocross Bike 157.55miles
Road Bike: 352.92miles (267.01miles fixed)

Total Cycling: 634miles
Running: 0miles - oh dear but obviously till my back is sorted no running

Onto October and depending on my back mileage may be low. I guess its just wait and see.


  1. Don't rush back from your bad back. Let it heal properly :)

  2. With monthly mileages like that, I'll be very interested in the yearly totals. Try and find the cause of the back problem, mine is due to the hamstrings shortening so stretching them after a ride is a must for me.

  3. Yes will let it heal, my back is pretty important! It's interesting Dave I've had a few friends had back issues through hamstrings and mine are short. But its hard to treat till it stops spasming!

  4. Take it easy and get better safely Amy.
    Your mileage still beats mine massively so remember you are doing loads.

    Are you coming to the shecycles ride? See you there for a social one?

  5. No Ali mentioned it and she may go but I am working that day.

  6. WOW on the mileage! That's more than I've been able to ride all year (have some decent reasons though,LOL),AWESOME,my friend!

    Like the others said,please be careful and heal your back properly before pushing it,beLIEVE me.

    I'm sorry I haven't been on much to keep up with/chat this year-between a move afgter a house fire and lately issues with Blogger (not being able to log in to seeing the blogs I follow,for one eg),it's been difficult. You and Ali have been on my mind though,wondering how you've been :)