Monday, 10 October 2011

Taking BeeMine to Kielder

Ali collected a travel bug on one of her recent geocaching adventures.

Since it is trying to get home to Canada we decided not to leave it in a cache at Kielder but since we were going to be doing some caching bring him to visit some caches.
The day was wet, reminded me of the kielder100, we set out to find the one closest to the castle. Ali was searching down by the river when I found it on the other side of the path!

Onto the next one and we walked across the kielder viaduct, which Ali will be running across tomorrow! Really interesting to read about how it had to be built due to the flow of the water. Then we decided one more. Most of the paths at kielder are not on my gps maps (must look at adding some on openstreetmaps) so it was a case of walking towards it. After failing to find a path I decided we should go cross country. It did get us to the right place but it was hard work. We walked out via the path.
Tired from our geocaching adventures we took BeeMine for afternoon tea and grabbed another geocache over in Newcastleton. So lots of caching for the little travel bug before he continues on his travels.