Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A muddy day at work

I was doing another risk assessment/recce ride over in Merseyside today. The ride started at Halewood so I decided to join the train at Irlam instead of Manchester, a good decision as it was a much nicer ride. Unfortunately just as I got to the station one of the straps from my pannier got caught in the wheel, fortunately apart from a broken strap everything seems ok!
Too many people around meant no searching for the cache near the station so we headed off on the route, the part I had plotted, apart from one dead end up someones drive it was all quiet roads and straightforward. Then we headed into the Sankey Valley. This wasn't so good and was very muddy. One bridge they had built the gate just too small for bikes. Fortunately it did improve just before we found the pub. After that it was a short hop to the transpennine trail with a couple of caches that we had to find as we were passing.
My day wasn't over though, a sprint to Liverpool to deliver adult cycle training before getting the train back to Irlam and riding home. I wasn't sure who had more mud on them, me or the bike, so I washed both!

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