Thursday, 10 February 2011

Running is dangerous

Yesterday evening I went running with Ali. Just a 30 minute loop on the roads near us. I didn't feel like I was working quite as hard as sunday but that we were keeping the pace up. I was pretty sure it was sub 10 min/miie but not loads under. So when I loaded the run onto sportstracks I was ecstatic to realise I had managed 9:12 min/miles.

I was meant to be meeting up with Vikki this evening and she suggested a run. Nothing wrong with an extra run and I quite fancied giving running off-road in the dark a go. Vikki also text Carolyn and we all met there.

I drove over and had to go home once as I had forgotten my headtorch! We started off nice and steady up onto Georges Lane. Where I decided to try and fly, failing miserably and landing on my front. It felt like I took most of the impact on the front of my legs and I was just pleased I seemed to have missed my knees. It hurt a lot but felt like the sort of pain that lasts a couple of minutes and then you're fine. I got up and walked a bit, only I felt dizzy so I went to sit down. Next thing I was aware of was Vikki interrupting some random thoughts and I was on the floor. Sat there a while and seemed to feel better. So we walked and ran on. Passed a group of mountain bikers at Pigeon Tower and headed down through Chinese Gardens.

Back at Carolyns I realised the time and that Ali would be waiting to eat so headed off. Risotto was ready when I got in and then it was time to inspect the damage. Some cuts and grazes on my hands and grazing and bruises on my legs. I'll live ;-)

So it turns out Chris is right, running is bad for you! Me though, I want to do some more off-road running.
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  1. maybe wear you helmet next time ;)

  2. Ouch - I'm glad you weren't badly hurt!

    I used to go out running after work about 20 years ago. It was hard at first, but after doing it 3 times a week for a month I was finally starting to get running fit. Then one evening I was running up a poorly lit road when I decided to sprint to a street lamp just round a bend. Unfortunately, there was a deep pothole lurking in the shadows of the bend ...

    My left foot planted just on the rim of the pothole and twisted through almost 90 degrees. I went down fast and hard. Chunk of flesh out of knee, big lump on head, cut hand ...

    Worst of all, my ankle started swelling alarmingly. By the time I hobbled home it was almost the size of an orange and the same colour. Over the next two days my ankle and foot went a dark purple colour.

    I had pain in that ankle for nearly 2 years and still get cramp in the foot now when cycling.

    My running days are over (damn arthritic hips) but I miss it.

    Enjoy your running but watch where you are going!

  3. I'm going to make you wear body armour next time! Glad no serious, lasting damage.