Monday, 21 February 2011

Five days and counting

Last week I rode home on tuesday and it was such hard work, at the top of Red Rock Lane I had to stop and recover. I wasn't even pushing I was going as easy as I could. I suppose the sore throat and feeling generally ill should have been a clue. Eventually I got myself home and jumped in the bath, plan being that, an early night and lots of vitamin C would see me right. Ali thought I should take the next day off but I realised that I could get the train and being self-employed I had to go. A night of waking up soaked in cold sweat and feeling rubbish I hoped it was out of my system. I got loads of orange juice and got through the day.

Wednesday night I was struggling to breath and glad I had no work on thursday. After another bad night Ali packed me off to the Dr's, I agreed I should go the struggling to breath worrying me and the fact that I couldn't do anything. The temperature etc I assumed was a virus and would go. The Dr decided I had flu and I should take friday off work, he thought by monday I should be feeling a lot better.

Well its monday, I am feeling a lot better but still not right. I got the train to work today and had to run for my connection at Manchester Piccadilly, bad idea it hurt. So 5days and counting off my bike. Hopefully I'll be feeling well enough to ride soon.
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  1. Proper flu is a nightmare, last time I had it I don't think I could move from the sofa for three days. Look after yourself and take it easy once you start riding again.

  2. see what happens when you start running

  3. Hope you are now fully recovered.

    Your bikes would have been missing you. =D

  4. Back riding now yes, my bikes were sulking a bit!