Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Lots of company

Another tuesday and another ride with Chris so I headed over to the shop. After stopping to add a jacket and then again to answer the phone I was running a little late. Due to me being unable to change the brakepads on my on-one (the pistons were being silly) so I went on Rigger (bringing the brake for Chris to look at). At the shop I found Shaun with a cross bike to ride home (he's borrowed it to ride Hit the North at the weekend). So we persuaded him to join us as far as Radcliffe. Over to the Berms, where Shaun fell off before he started riding down the hill, some excuse about toe overlap.

Round the blue route before heading along the Nature Trail to Radcliffe, here Shaun headed off home and Chris and I headed over to Bolton to collect our next guest rider of the evening.

We met Ali at Firwood Fold and headed up through Jumbles to Crowthorn before dropping down towards the Strawbury Duck and then down the Witton Weavers way back home.

31miles for me and 13 for Ali (at least I could just about keep up on the hills this week)


  1. after just 3wks of 'proper' commuting i'm beginning to understand why you spend so much time at the shop!! ...hill repeats paying off then?

  2. Not yet, but only done them twice. I've only scheduled them every 2nd week!

    Yes commuting is expensive on bike components, hence why I commute fixed! But you 'save' on other forms of transport (oh and it gets me fit).