Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I've been working at a school in Atherton so its been easy commuting miles being only 6miles from home. On monday on of the kids had a bike with no front brake. As usual he told me he had bought it like that. After explaining he couldn't come out on tuesday without either sorting out a front brake or borrowing a bike. He seemed happy enough but I didn't expect it sorted. On tuesday I was pleasantly suprised when he handed me a brake (it apparently came with the bike but not attached). It only took a couple of minutes to fit and he could join the rest of the group on the road.

Amusingly on monday I tried to fix the brakes on my on-one. Expecting it to be a simple case of fitting new pads. Only it wasn't so simple, I couldn't get one piston back in and one wouldn't move. In the end I gave up and dropped it off with Chris on tuesday.
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