Friday, 4 February 2011

Just a little windy on my new Wagon Wheels

Having entered Hit the North I thought I'd better collect my new bike and ride it before the race. I've been really busy with work recently so last night I rode down to Cookson Cycles on Ruby as she needs a new transmission. There we switched the pedals and light mount and Chris and I headed out into the wind and the rain. I was feeling a little cheated since the weather had been so nice all day when I was working. We went round the trails at Prestwich before heading out towards Bolton. I was a wimp again and failed the stream crossing, due to giving up! One day I will be brave. Through the mud and my new bike wasn't looking as shiny anymore through Moses Gate Country Park and over to mine to collect Ali. She had decided to come riding as her running partner had cancelled.

She had changed her mind, but a bit of persuading and she was changed and out. I switched lights so she had the 6pack and we set up off Winter Hill. I thought the wind had dropped but as we started climbing it came back. When I rode with Ali on saturday she was telling me she was unfit and struggling, today her and Chris disappeared up the hill ahead of me while I tried to keep them in sight. (More hill climbing practise needed). Onto Winter Hill itself and the wind was joined by shards of glass hitting my face (at least that's what it felt like). Ali and Chris seemed to find it easier not to get blown across the road, maybe I'm too light and should eat more cake? Up at the top noone wanted to stop for the Jaffa Cakes I had brought so we set off down the Belmont Descent. Chris took a detour off the path after a couple of hundred metres when he was caught by a gust of wind and I ended up upside down in a ditch. After that it got muddier and I don't think Ali was enjoying it as she had enjoyed going up the hill! Halfway down and her light went out (yes my new light) so I gave her mine and me and Chris rode side-by-side. Interesting to say the least! Chris thinks some water got in the charging port, but I wasn't impressed.

Home and Ali made us Curry as well as washing  my new bike.

Verdict, it's lovely and I'm not fast enough for it.


  1. What bike is it Amy? If your lights a hope you can send back for a new seal, common fault apparently.

    More cake needed I reckon to stop getting blown off of heavier bike? X

  2. It was too wet for pictures, hopefully some next saturday.