Monday, 7 February 2011

Collecting Rigger

Tonight I went to collect Rigger after leaving him at my folks house when I went for sunday lunch the other week. Ali dropped me off and headed off shopping while I headed over towards Prestwich to ride home. It was dark but mild and the wind from earlier seemed to have dropped. By the time I reached the Berms I was having fun and had set myself a challenge of getting home with an overall average of 16km/h (10mph).

Over the motorway and into Moses Gate where I blinded a couple of dog walkers with my uber bright light (which is working again fine). Up to Leverhulme Park and home.

15miles, overall average of 10.5mph and moving average 10.9mph. I think I earnt my jaffa cakes!


  1. fancy a 30in30X2 challenge Amy ?, either 2 rides of at least an hour per day, or one ride of 2 hours or more per day for 30 days :-)

  2. Sounds tempting but hard hard hard! Not sure what month I could do it. My legs were toast at the end of January.

  3. I'm starting on Saturday, 30 days rather than a calendar month