Saturday, 11 July 2009

A trip to Southport

Due to the fact that I have been all busy recently Jon made sure that he booked me for a trip to Southport once I had a free day! The decision had been made that it was to be a cross ride. Ali decided she wanted to come so last night we replotted a bit to bring it nearer to 70miles than 90! Ali has only really done one long ride like this when we went to Southport for the tour of britain so it was going to be a challenge for her! During the night I was woke up by my knee but I was determined to ride so some strapping was put on. Jon arrived early, but we had said 10am so we were both up and dressed! The ride started easy enough along the middlebrook way then over to Haigh Hall where I had fun playing on a few bits through the trees. We carried on finding this ever so cute railway line running into someones back garden!
For a while we were following roads and trails covered in carrots, Ali decided she needed a carrot break. After I had washed one for her she took a bite and exclaimed "It tastes just like a carrot".

Jon was very pleased to reach the sea, for some reason he hadn't had breakfast this morning!!! We had our chippy then.

Then we decided to get to the sea, at Southport it is always quite far out so we rode across the beach, Ali made it look easy she must have magic skills as me and Jon struggled.

I even rode into the sea, but it was so shallow!

Then it was time for some kite flying, Ali got it going till somebody (me) got in her way. It never flew as well again!

After a paddle it was time for some ice-creams, Ali managed two!!!

Then it was time to head back, Jon was happy to have some carrying, apparently it wasn't a trio adventure otherwise!

A quick blast through rivington and home with a very tired Ali after 72miles! I think at least half was off-road although mainly just dirt tracks.
A fab day!


  1. sounds like an enid blyton story! glad you're having some 'fun miles' again :)

  2. Thankyou for a lovely day.

    Riding on sand was hard work!

  3. Is that what Southport looks like? Never made it there yet and I only live about 20 miles away, must rectify that!

    Well done to Ali for the long ride and be careful of that knee. The pink strapping is rather fetching, wonder if Jez will consider it when he straps his ankle!

  4. Julbags it does come in other colours, I fancy turquoise next time!

  5. You will have to come on a trio adventure sometime, they can be hard but they are always fun!

  6. Cool adventure, I'd be interested in seeing the route.

  7. I nearly forgot. Can you stick me this down as my July 100km please?