Friday, 24 July 2009

An evening ride

After dropping at the airport, falling asleep watching the tour and hanging my sleeping bag out to air and then it raining and soaking it. I headed out on a local ride with Odile. We headed up winter hill and at the top bumped into Ros, Kate and Gavin. Down to Belmont, where Kate had a flat and we made her fix it! The first time ever she has had to do her own although Ros did try and help! Then a quick pint in Belmont before freewheeling home for pizza.

Legs felt fine, but I need my bed now! 15miles in total and reminded me how long it is since I have been on my local trails!


  1. Walking up Rivington is hard enough, never mind biking it!

  2. wot, so you then went home to bed!!