Sunday, 22 July 2012

Roads with Gates

A friend encouraged me to get Ruby ready for riding last night, so the turbo tyre came off and the mudguards. I couldn't decide on a plan but did plot a route north from home into the hills I also had the option of a group ride to Southport but was unsure about riding with a group as I had no idea how the collarbone would be with a longer ride and how unfit I actually was. This meant I went to bed without making a plan. This usually leads to me doing nothing on the day!

As it turns out I slept really badly and didn't really get back to sleep after 5am so at 6am I got up. 7am I was out the house to ride the loop I had plotted. It was really hilly but also really sunny out. It was a shame that I had a headwind on the way home as by that point my legs weren't working quite as well.

I timed it perfectly arriving home just as the tour coverage started meaning I got to enjoy Wiggans winning and Cav getting the stage.

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  1. Bloomin eck, that looks like a stage of the Tour ! And home in time for lunch too. Chapeau !