Thursday, 19 July 2012

Huge Saddlebag

Being back on my bike is great but a short spin on kiwi showed me I'm not ready for a fixed wheel just yet which has the panniers. I've been using my cross bike for the low gearing and wider tyres so I needed to carry stuff on this bike and didn't fancy putting a rack on as when I rode in off-road with panniers it wasn't much fun. So yesterday I visited Keep Pedalling and came out with a lovely Carradice and a support so it didn't just sit on my rear mudguard. First ride today to meet Ali for lunch included some shopping today. It holds loads and isn't noticeable when riding. The problem is I might need a smaller on for days I don't need to carry as much!


  1. Wow, now that is a saddle pack! Thing is, you get used to being able to carry lots, I haven't really managed to embrace the sleek roadie mentality, always want to carry more than will fit in my pockets though I've got no choice on Bianco. On the Kinesis however.....I bought a small rack pack in the end for that. Its for winter riding I told myself, more streamlined than panniers but holds some extra layers and food. Have used it a lot already.

  2. Means I can carry all my work kit without having to use a rucksac, which at the moment I can't do. Think it's big enough for the odd overnight as well. I can do slick roadie look on shorter rides on nice days!