Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Back on the bike

Ali was getting worried about me when I hadn't jumped on a bike on either Friday or Saturday. Not sure why I hadn't I wasn't really nervous it just felt odd to just go out and ride. So when Ali headed out on an epically hilly ride on Sunday I decided to head over to Lee Quarry and cheer at the Singletrack Weekender. I rode my cross bike for the extra cushioning of the tyres and the lower gears. I was suprised how easy it felt! Riding back I met up with a tired Ali and was able to be a bit of a wind block for her.

Monday was a ride for cake with my friend and her toddlers. Tuesday I rode to the shop and then in the evening rode Ali's mountain bike over to Rivington so she could ride it home after going running (she is currently doing a climbing challenge so packing the miles in).

Today I met Ali at her work and accompanied her on her ride which meant lots of hills. I certainly will have slowed her down a bit but I brought the nice weather and she seemed pleased to have the company. I was loving being back out in the hills. Although being on my cross bike did mean I was tempted by the off-road bits we passed.

I'm impressed with how much fitness I have retained, obviously the turbo sessions have worked even though it has probably only averaged out as two a week. I might even be tempted to get a turbo to help with fitness over the winter.

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  1. Glad your back on the bike. I've decided its spinning classes for me this winter, I hate my turbo and struggle to pedal it properly (makes me mash my gears) and being banished to the garage is dull, even with a Sufferfest DVD. I'm only just getting back to riding myself now (fun ride in the p*ssing rain last night, no really it was great to be out in it), I've not lost as much as I thought I would either, at least on the climbs, my descending speed isn't great as I don't want to fall off again for a goodly while.