Monday, 9 July 2012

I won't make it as a fell runner

Ali is getting the miles in at the moment and after a week of not being bothered I thought I should get back on the turbo. So yesterday I went on the turbo first thing. Ali then headed out on her mountain bike over to Rivington and I was to drive over and meet her for lunch. Instead of just driving over I decided it was time to start my three peaks training.
Parking on the Belmont to Rivington road I headed straight up Winter Hill, obviously without a bike at the moment but I thought that since last time I rode the three peaks it was the getting up the hills that was so hard that it would be good training even without carrying a bike. It started okay if a bit boggy and difficult to run due to tussocks but then it got steeper and steeper. Till it was almost vertical.

Although not as vertical as it looked when I downloaded my garmin as I certainly didn't need ropes to get up it.

Once at the top I headed down the shoulder as I knew it wasn't quite so steep, turns out I walked more on the way down. Probably best for my knees and to ensure that I don't fall. I have no idea how fell runners run down the hills so fast!

Out onto Belmont Old Road and back along to the car, less than two miles had taken me half an hour but I am sure I can only improve.

Then I dropped down to the cafe for a nice lunch with Ali.

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  1. That Elevation data looks frightening!! Good luck with the training :-)