Friday, 27 July 2012

Early for Chips

My friend Ros asked if I fancied a ride to Southport today when I saw her on Friday. Never one to turn down the chance of a nice ride I jumped at the chance. I knew I had to be back in time to meet Ali at 5pm so we meet just after 8am and were on the road by half past. Although there was a headwind we made good time arriving at Southport for 10:30am, fortunately they were just putting the chips on so we only had to wait 10mins.

On the way back I had a moment where my front wheel skidded on some gravel and I thought I was going down on the side I had injured but no I held it, don't really want to be testing the collarbone just yet. A stop at Freddies on the way back and the difficult choice of which icecreams to have.

Home just as it was trying to rain just after 2pm so plently of time to have a shower and wander over to Ali's work.

I like going on road rides and this one is great for the food options.

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