Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Well Collarbone is much the same, main issue I have is trying not to use it as it isn't as sore anymore. But then I do something and it hurts. I had Physio on Thursday and she basically said I was to be careful as due to the angle they are worried it could move and pop out of the skin, which didn't sound great. So I just carry on with my basic exercises.

Other than that this week I have made a real effort with the turbo getting on every morning. I've found if I go on first thing I do it, otherwise I think about it don't get on and beat myself up. Hopefully it will keep some fitness going. At the moment I am messing around with intervals, might need to sit down and plan some sort of plan.

I've also admitted I won't be doing Mayhem and emailed them, before I was hoping it would magically heal and I could ride (I realise how silly that sounds).

Next hospital appointment is a week on Friday, hopefully the xray shows some healing, I can already feel a callus so I am hopeful.

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