Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Mountain Mayhem

I was meant to be racing solo at Mountain Mayhem this year, it had took me ages to make the decision and I had plans to train specifically for it as well. Then I broke my collar bone, at first I thought I would be back for it but in the end I accepted that it wasn't going to happen and let the organsiers know.

We decided to go down and camp anyway. The weather forcast was very wet but we thought it would be fun to see everyone. Arriving on Friday evening I was wishing I was racing, a nice muddy race would be perfect for the singlespeed. But by Sunday when we got home I was happy enough, although I would have prefered to have ridden the course did turn into a mud bath! We had a lovely weekend with friends and it was nice to listen to the rain overnight on the Saturday as oppose to ride in it.

Now I'm thinking about next year....

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  1. Good for you, every time there is "always next year".