Monday, 18 June 2012

A racing Ali

With me still unable to ride outside and two local events to us last week Ali decided she would ride them. On Wednesday she headed off to Horwich for a hill climb. The picture I was sent of her at the finish showed she tried hard, the fact that she was still dizzy and feeling sick when she got home may she tried a little too hard.
Then on Thursday it was off to a local Mountain Bike Race at Leverhulme Park, I mistakenly encouraged her to do a practice lap and she decided she hated it and didn't want to race. During the race that seemed to improve and there was lots of smiling. A very muddy bike and Ali got to walk home with me (it took a lot longer than riding back would have done so thanks for walking with me).

At this rate I will be losing races to Ali when I am back on my bike, good to see her getting out on it seeing as I am her usual riding partner.

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