Monday, 18 June 2012

An update

So how is the collarbone doing? Well not much really. I can feel and see a nobbly bit so I knew there was a callus. At the hospital on friday, Dr told me it seemed a good callus and you can now make it out on xray. Unfortunately he also said no cycling yet, gave me a funny look. I explained that I needed to at least ride a bike for work. But no another four weeks before I see the hospital or ride anything other than a turbo.


  1. Looks a LOT better than mine did when I buggered mine up. My collarbone after the plating op looks like yours currently does on this xray.

    Chin up, it's heading in the right direction :oD

  2. Yes only problem is the angulation, apparently I have strong bones (not a surprise I've never broken anything before) so it didn't shatter into pieces which would be what normally happened. Meant I could get away without plating it and not adding too much to the recovery time.

    It's just annoying as I can't work!

  3. I know that feeling well!

    Even after 20 months mine is still healing due to the extent of the nerve damage I sustained bot in the accident and during the operation, but I think I'd have gone loopy if I had to wait any longer before I got it - 10 weeks was a loooong time with no healing whatsoever on mine.

    Any ideas of how much longer you'll be off work for?

  4. Hoping for the go ahead to ride and hence work tomorrow.

    yes nerve damage was the reason that I didn't insist on plating. Only had a bit of nerve pain from the bone/callus pushing on them. Only achy these days.

    was lucky not to do anything else and manage to ring ali before I tried passing out.