Sunday, 5 December 2010

Playing out with Hugo

 My friend Kate has been working down in Wales and due to me working a lot at the weekend or away racing its ages since we've seen each other. This weekend she was back up in Manchester so she came out to ours with her dog Hugo for a walk. Last time I saw Hugo he was a cute little puppy. Now he is huge, but he is still cute!

We took him out on the golf club near us, although we haven't had loads of snow it was enough to keep Hugo happy. His favourite game seemed to be chasing snowballs and didn't even mind that much that there was no ball for him to actually find. He even tried to catch them if you threw them up in the air.

Two hours later and I was shattered, hugo was still running round in circles in our house while we had mince pies. Dogs are great fun.

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