Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Chris kills me

I decided it was time to head out on a ride with Chris again. I knew it would be hard but I wasn't sure how hard I would find it. Still I reminded myself it was good for me. So I headed off to meet him at Cookson Cycles, leaving a little later I had to push the whole way there, still it warmed me up.

Chris had his 6pack on his bike and I sneakily switched it onto mine, unfortunately he noticed so I was back to my light. We headed off towards Bolton with the plan being to head up on winter hill. Near my house I was already tired and by Smithills realised we would be doing more than the 25miles I had suggested still I was having fun. I stopped halfway up for an energy gel. Still by the top I was gone. I minced down the descent and found it hard to concentrate on the line.

At the bottom I said we were heading back on the road, that was enough for me. 31miles on the gar,in once I got home and I was shattered. But it was great fun.
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