Tuesday, 21 December 2010

91 days......

Somehow it has been 91 days since I last rode Rigger (my singlespeed mtb). I've no idea how it ended up being so long and he has been feeling sorry for himself in the corner. As Chris wasn't riding this evening I decided to get my act together and put him back together. Obviously I spent an hour on the sofa thinking about it first before I got round to it. Then I headed out just as it was starting to get dark. I wasn't really feeling like I could be bothered with riding for the sake of riding so headed off round the golf course. I then decided to try and get 10miles and headed towards the Strawbury Duck. Once I got into Jumbles I was having fun and enjoying it. In fact the main reason I turned back as I had told Ali I wouldn't be back too much after her so a long ride really wasn't an option! The surface varied from grippy snow to slippy snow. The worst being junctions where cars had gone in at different angles, or across a different way to me. But it was all great fun.

So time to get out on some singlespeed adventures.


  1. Hi Amy,how many bikes is that then?

  2. I "only" have five....soon to be six. But you can never have enough bikes!

  3. i feel guilty at 3 soon to be 2

    i've got a cx now, if you have time to show me what they can do over winter, let me know.


  4. Those rides when you are not in the mood are often the best:)

  5. How can you feel guilty at the number of bikes....as long as they are all being ridden I am happy.

    Danny, the best thing is once you are out there you tend to want to stay out there.