Saturday, 11 December 2010

Legs are coming back

Yesterday morning some of the wednesday night girls came over for a ride. We started out round the golf course and it was a case of picking the way round the ice, it wasn't looking good. Up onto winter hill and it got windier and wetter. Halfway up and I decided that it would be crazy to head up to the top. I managed to pick a couple of descents and we headed back to mine. The girls had spent the ride reminding me that 3 hours was long enough and the ride was 3hours10minutes so spot on. I have a reputation for rides being too long.

Then it was time for a Christmas Do I rode into manchester and my legs felt strong. Its the first time in ages and I felt like I was flying. The roads felt like they might be icy later so I Let ali collect me ;-)
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  1. 2 hours will be plenty for me today :)

  2. Hi Amy.

    I'm glad to see that you are well on the way to recovery!

    If you see this comment, it is because I've used Firefox to post it. I normally use the Opera browser and I have been trying to leave comments with that for a few weeks now and they don't seem to work any more. There didn't used to be a problem. I don't know whether it was broken by a Blogger update or by Opera. Have you changed something in the last month or so that might have affected things?

  3. wish my legs would come back, comuting this week has not been easy

  4. Hi Colin I haven't changed a thing. I use firefox so I guess I wouldn't notice.

    I was thinking I had hardly any comments recently, I put that down to boring posts though.