Monday, 6 December 2010

27 road miles on the mtb

My first day back working since my little stay in hospital and the ground was looking a little icy. So I made the decision to go on my mountain bike, thinking that road tyres might be a little scary, I was pretty sure that all but the last road would be gritted as I had plotted the route along major routes. I was really looking forward to riding but knew it would be slow so I was out the door at 7am. It was cold and frosty and although I didn't hit any ice that I noticed but I was glad to be on the mountain bike. I actually rode straight past the school as there was no big sign outside.

Once there we were hopeful that we would get out, the caretaker had been gritting the playground. Unfortunately when we went out to check we both were sliding round, me in my hiking boots. So it was indoor sessions and no riding for the kids.

Riding home I decided to work on the hills, heart rate was up but I felt fine. Still not fast, partly as I stopped at tesco and bought lots of heavy stuff. I also dropped in on Ali at work with some cookies as a treat.

So no work tomorrow and fingers crossed it warms up a bit for wednesday.
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