Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Holidays - Day One

We arrived late yesterday at our little cabin in Sea Palling, it's where we stayed in February and we decided then to see if we could book it for Christmas and we could. This morning we were up early so Ali could go shopping hopefully before all the crowds and get back at a reasonable time for us to spend the day together. I took the boys for a short walk but we avoided the beach as Ali wanted to be there for our first beach walk of the holiday.

We were out and on the beach before 10am and headed up towards Horsey, it was windy but a lovely day. Once we got close to Horsey we had to leave the beach as it was covered in Seals and the boys were a little too interested and neither of us fancied getting too close. This meant a nice walk through the dunes to Horsey where we walked up to the pub. A lovely lunch where George snoozed under the table and Cybi sat looking cute so he got food while it poured with rain outside. Once it was time to leave the rain had stopped so we didn't need to put our waterproofs on!

Back through the dunes and then onto the beach once we were past all the seals. We made it back to Sea Palling just as it got dark. Now we have two sleepy dogs, George is asleep in front of the fire and Cybi on the sofa. Tomorrow is Christmas Day so more beach time but also more time in our cabin while Ali cooks us all a lovely Christmas dinner.