Saturday, 6 February 2016

Totley Moor 5miler

I had suggested a loop in Totley Moor to Vikki, a place I keep meaning to run as I pass it so often on the way to work. This morning we met up on a wet drizzly day. Coats on (including Cybi and George) and we were in our way. Hoping over a stile to be greeted by a sheep got the boys quite excited and the mud was testing Vicki's trainers, she ended up on the floor a couple of times. Looping round and just before the last hill George got excited, then a deer ran across in front of us. Cue two dogs barking and wanting to go go go. I got George back and had a turbo boost off both of them up to the trig point. From there it was a short downhill back to the track we had started on and back to the car. Lovely loop and another one to add to the list to run in nice weather.

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