Wednesday, 2 December 2015

6: Monsal Head Loop

We met early for this loop as we both have car park passes that mean we can park in Derbyshire Dales car parks for free up to 11am. The route drops down onto the Monsal Trail along to the Litton Tunnel where it goes up towards Brushfield and along trails I have rode along before back to the Monsal Trail.
We made a mistake at the start and took the wrong path down meaning we added an extra mile through Monsal Dale, not a problem as it was lovely if a little muddy. The route was really easy to follow and easy running till we left the Monsal Trail where the path was steep and had us all walking, obviously Cybi and George could have ran if they weren't attached to us.
Just as we got back to the Monsal Trail Cybi saw a squirrel and darted, the clip on my end of his line snapped and he was off. Hunting for him I soon found him with a squirrel in his mouth, I can't believe he caught it! Clips have all been upgraded to carabiners now!

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