Monday, 14 December 2015

Litton Christmas Cracker Fell Race

I haven't ran without least one of the dogs since the Stoney Middleton Fell Race during Well Dressing week, before that I can't remember. But I kept seeing banners for the Litton Christmas Cracker Fell Race when walking the dogs to meet Ali and decided to enter as it was close and looked a great route. On the morning Ali dropped me off to register, an easy process as I had pre entered (fortunately as it had sold out two weeks before the race). Then she parked and her and the boys walked back to see me before the start.

The race starts by going up a road climb, I really missed the cybi power at this point but it was a short climb then back down to the main road where Ali and the boys were cheering me on. We were soon in Tideswell Dale before heading up into the hills. Round to Litton Stack and then we dropped to Litton Mill. I knew the next section would be wet as it had been in Wednesday when I went round the route with the boys. Well it was a lot deeper now, I think if George had been there I would have been carrying him! It was quite fun splashing through and as always stunning. Out at Cressbrook Mill and another Road climb, more missing cybi power. Then up up to the trig point where there was a Christmas tree. But from here it was heading back.

The next bit was downhill, on one off camber bit I managed to slide over but it was a soft landing. The steep downhill into Cressbrook Dale I seemed to lose any ability I had to run downhill but knowing the descent meant I caught a few who had passed me by dropping onto the path while they were still contouring. At the bridge at the bottom there were jelly babies, just what was needed for the climb up Litton Dale.

The last bit is hard as you are nearly at the finish but instead of turning right into Litton you go right and along another muddy path to the road we started on. With impeccable timing Ali was at the road crossing with the boys to cheer me on (they'd been for their own walk) and they had time to get to the finish to cheer me across the line.

The race had a lovely atmosphere and I wasn't last, which I was worried about as there were only two behind me at the Stoney Race. I did miss the boys but could be tempted by some more fell races.

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  1. It sounds right up your street, stunning countryside.