Friday, 18 December 2015

Mam Tor Ridge

In last months Trail magazine there was a walking loop from Castleton taking in the Mam Tor Ridge. I thought it would make a fab run and suggested it to Vikki. Today we met in Castleton at 10am to give it a go. Turned out a lovely day for it with clear enough skies to see the lovely views.
On the way up to Lose Hill I had George who was in heaven with lots of new sniffs and blades of grass to pee on, he even had a couple of woogles. I was a little jealous as Cybi dragged Vikki up the hill, we were both walking a lot as it was steep. On the first techy descent we swapped dogs, cybi was still on one and apparently listens a bit better to me, meanwhile George was the perfect descending partner unless I got too far behind when he stopped dead! Along the Ridge is stunning and we ticked off Hollins Cross and Mam Tor itself before heading across to the Limestone Way. After some nice easy running we got to Cave Dale, slippy and Limestone so we were all walking. Fortunately Cybi had calmed down by now. This dropped us out in Castleton.

Just under 8miles and a lovely loop.

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