Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Three Peaks Training while commuting

Although I have no expectations of doing well, my aim is survive and for Simon Fell not to seem so impossible this time. Saturdays ride/scramble showed me I can get up steep stuff but slowly. My aim for the Three Peaks is not to run but stomp. Today I rode in off-road and spotted a vertical looking hill for the way home. Getting to Prestwich area I wasn't feeling like it but I stowed my bag at the top of the slope and set off. Down the long way and bike on the shoulder. I realised what I had missed earlier, the path was completely overgrown. This meant my bike got caught up loads, I had to use my hands on occasion and yes it was a lot shorter than Simon Fell. But its all good training and easy to do while commuting home.

There was a fair amount of damage from the recent floods to route6 on my way. My legs are scratched to pieces but it was great fun!

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