Sunday, 19 August 2012

Making an adventure out of a ride

Today I headed over to Skipton for a gentle ride with friends. I had considered riding but was feeling tired after yesterday so got the train to Clitheroe and rode over. It was a pretty hilly ride and a wrong turning led to me adding a couple of miles and hills and me being five minutes late. Still at least I was ready to go when I got there.

Heading out Kat led us on a lovely ride. It was gentle so no really techy downhills but it was high on the fun factor. I loved it on my cross bike. At one point we came across a guy with a bike who was selling icecream, well it'd be rude not to! At the end Kat provided cake, the perfect ending.

I had managed two punctures on this ride. The first was on the ride, the last near the end and I had nursed it back to Kat's. I fixed it then it exploded, I guess I had caught the inner tube or something. So after the others left I fixed it again, then talked and talked. The route back to Clitheroe was obviously hilly and I wasn't quite fast enough for the train, just missing it. I got some food at tesco and headed back to the station. Checking the trains on my phone I found out the next one was cancel. So I was left with a long wait and a late night. Oddly this made it feel like I was travelling back from a holiday.

It was a great ride and worth the late night, should have brought lights so I could have at least rode part of the way home.

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