Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sunshine and Smiles

I met Ali today at the end of her working day (I don't work on Thursday's due to Therapy in the morning but couldn't meet her for lunch due to meeting my mum, so had to make it up to her). It was a perfect evening for a ride, we headed to Horwich along the Middlewood Way and then I headed off into the bushes following some singletrack towards the Barn, it was muddy but fun. Here we had ice-creams, I was hoping it might slow Ali down but she is superfit at the moment! Then it was up to the Pike, where I kind of rode off the back, there was a tiny bit of walking. Then it was home via Smithills. Lovely night, lovely company and lovely views.

It was great to be mountain biking and collarbone didn't complain at all.


  1. Sooo good to get awesome weather finally.
    Glad your collar bone is not grumbling at the fun cycling :-) Happy weekend!

  2. Thanks, yes perfect weather over at Rivington last night.

    I'm working this weekend, hope you get some nice riding in.