Friday, 17 August 2012

A day of hot chocolates

Today I introduced a twitter friend to Salter Fell. She had 'borrowed' a cross bike (I think the missus knew about it) and we met up at Slaidburn. I decided to get the train to Clitheroe and ride over, only Waddington Fell between the two. I arrived just as the cafe opened so had a hot chocolate while I sheltered from the rain.

We set up in torrential rain but it did ease up. The road seemed easier than last time, unfortunately this was due to a tail wind, meaning we would have a headwind on the way back. I knew that Hannah liked her off-road so I added in an extra bridleway. On the way I spotted a swing and it would have been rude not to have a go on it. A slight navigation error, getting excited by a downhill, led to wading across a scream but otherwise it was a nice diversion.

Into Wray for another Hot Chocolate and a Scone for me. Then the climb, which never gets easier. The rain came again and was really heavy at the top of Salter Fell. No views for us today! Descending went okay, slow but no dabbing!

Back to Slaidburn for more food and a hot chocolate. I eventually stopped talking and rode back to Clitheroe, timing it perfectly and getting there and finding a train waiting.

A fab day even if it was all spent in waterproofs.

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  1. Every time I hear the mention of Slaidburn I think of the Horn of Plenty pub!