Saturday, 4 August 2012

Not riding at SITS

After our Olympics mini-trip and going back to work this weekend me and Ali made the sensible decision not to race at SITS. It was a really hard decision as I've loved racing at SITS the last few years. But I know its the right decision as I was so tired after the Olympics and I'm only just back at work.

I still wanted to head down and my sister was dog sitting so today I rode down to hers. I made the decision to get the train to Hazel Grove as that meant I wasn't just riding across urban Manchester. Leaving Hazel Grove it was the A6 to Disley and then it was time to get onto minor roads.

Some highlights of the ride:

Lovely roads in Derbshire
The tissington Trail
Donkeys talking to me
Heading over to SITS to say hi to people

Only have to work out how to get back home tomorrow.

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