Friday, 3 February 2012

A Norwegian Adventure

My first flight since 2007 and I was off to Norway, the main reason being to watch the biathlon as we are here for Ali's birthday treat. We landed at a little airport 60km away from Oslo and after hitting up the duty free (we didn't want to be buying wine over here) we got on a bus which took us right into the centre. Oslo itself isn't amazingly exciting, like any major city, but there is snow everywhere. To get to our hostel we climbed up a hill covered in snow!

Monday and we were off to watch the biathlon, the sprint event. We were in the arena for the women's event and could see everything from the start, the shooting and the finish. It was very cold but I had planned for that and had lots of layers topped off with my down jacket. In the gap between races my feet got very very cold and we had to go for a walk. A really warm pair of boots is the one thing I would add to my cold weather gear. We went out on the tracks and decided to stay there for the mens race. This time we had some British interest to cheer....I think they probably heard us. People soon spotted we were from the UK, I don't think many people come over to watch the biathlon from the UK.

Afterwards we went back to Oslo and had pizza, even without our usual bottle of wine the meal was expensive compared to what we'd pay at home. But not too bad for Norway!

Today we have a day off from the biathlon so we are off out to play in the snow.

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  1. Sounds great fun. I have a strange fascination with biathlon, always watch it on Eurosport when its on. That and XC skiing for some reason, which I will have a go at one day. Have fun in the proper snow.