Monday, 6 February 2012

A day on the slopes

Waking up to more snow we were quite excited and headed back to VinterPark where we got lift passes and snowboards. A little worried that we would have forgotten how to ride we headed to the green run, one run and all was remembered. Onto a blue and it was easier than the green, the red was a true red though. (we actually think green and blue are just the opposite way round to what we are used to). Due to one of the lifts being closed it was actually a smallish area to play on and the runs are shorter than the alps. In fact its very like a Scottish Resort, it was even windy at times but nothing like the Cairngorms on a windy day.

We had a short lunch stop as Ali was having so much fun and then even tried one of the little kickers. Ali was getting tired then so we had a hot chocolate and cake stop before heading back onto the slopes. Our liftpass ran till 5 and we stayed right till the end. By then the slopes were floodlit and getting busy as people were coming up after work, they are open till 10pm (but we would have needed another liftpass and we were getting tired and the slopes were getting busy).

So what to do tomorrow? Unfortunately that is the last full day here for me.

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