Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A Sledging Adventure

The last day found us heading up into the hills again, first stop was to drop a travelbug off to start its travels, part of Ali's birthday presents. There was a travelbug hotel up there so lots of room in the cache and it seems well looked after. Now to see where it goes travelling.

After that is was to the last stop on the metro to hire sledges. The run goes from the top down to another station, following the old bobsleigh track apparently. First run down and I got the hang of steering, stopping not to much, Ali told me to use my feet! At the bottom you get the metro back up and repeat! As the day progressed I got better at crashing, a wall, various snow drifts and a tree all proving hard to avoid. Ali obviously had enough of crashing on the cross-country skiing day and just laughed at me.

Lots more I could do here but I'm off back to Englandshire on Wednesday, Ali gets an extra day before heading off on another adventure!

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