Sunday, 19 February 2012

January Roundup

Well it's a little late due to our holiday and then a hectic week at work has given me my first chance to catch up with the blog.

I rode loads of miles in January and had lots of fun along the way. The whole first week back at work was spent riding in off-road with Colin and I went running a few times with Ali on Monday evenings. No uber long rides though with the longest ride being just over 80miles.

So the numbers:

Off Road: 252.42miles (46.28 singlespeed)
Mixed: 58.63miles
Road: 686.59miles (482.55miles fixed)

Total Cycling: 997.64miles
Running: 7.8miles - slowly building up

Onto February and the first week is on holiday so no biking or running, some snowboarding and skiing though. A couple of Audaxes entered to get me some long rides and hopefully get some more mountain bike rides in.

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