Thursday, 26 January 2012

Music in my ears

I've always been in the not listening to music while riding camp. The way I've seen it is that I want to hear the traffic etc. But I am very nervous of getting through the night at 24solo as I am expecting the course to be really quiet. So I've tried riding with my mp3 player, first off-road which I like in the dark but during the day I just enjoy the riding. But recently the odd time on the road, i've found that I can still hear traffic and my views are slowly changing.

So do you listen to music whilst riding?


  1. I used to have the same thoughts as you. I started listening to music whilst riding off road on my own and now ride on the road listening, if I'm not in company. I tend to only put one earbud in on the road and leave my right ear to hear the traffic etc. It makes my commute just fly by.

    I found that the music didn't make much difference to what I could hear on the road surprisingly, the wind whistling past my ears blocks out so much anyway and at this time of year I have a buff or windproof over my ears which blocks out a lot of noise. I do try hard not to "zone out" (unlike running where I try my best to) on the road whilst listening to music and keep my wits about me, more for other cyclists overtaking me than cars.

    If you think it'll help you through the 24hr go for it, I've used music as a crutch to get through low points on rides/runs/races, it really helps. Also drowns out the sound of my hyperventilating, which is a bonus.

  2. Probably 50/50 on whether I listen to music or not :)

  3. I do for my longer night rides or when I need to ride very hard.

    I don't do it on the road, just find I get complacent and cars sneak up on me. However on long road rides (5+hours) I do tend to listen to podcasts. can just have one ear in and its fine.

    I can't stand listening to music in one ear, audiophile in me gets cranky and stabby.

  4. tunes for road running but I'm coming round to the idea for commuting too. like you I'm worried that I can't hear the traffic but sometimes it does feel like 'dead time' and that a bit of multi tasking would be good.

  5. Riding so you can't hear others at races is wrong.

  6. No, because I need to concentrate on the route and traffic. I have tried it and then found that I was listening to the music and not properly enjoying the scenery around me.

  7. Rich: I have no intention of not being able to hear other racers, I've always chatted my way round SITS but there are not that many people entered in the 24 at the moment, I could have laps where I see noone. Suppose the only good think is most people will be faster than me so hopefully I will see someone.

    Greg Podcasts idea is interesting, although I think that would take my concentration away more than music as I wouldn't want to miss any. Not so bothered with the music and tend to have stuff on I know well.

    I tried it in traffic the other day and it was fine I could hear caras basically the same as always, I had the music pretty quiet. I also rode home from work on the off-road route the other week and had no problem hearing people when they spoke to me. But also found most of the time I don't need the music. So think it'll be something I just use on the odd occasion and will be bringing it to 24solo just in case.