Sunday, 1 January 2012


Wow up to four years of blogging now. Life has changed again workwise. I started being freelance then got a termtime contract before going full-time in September. This has definitely had an effect on my cycling and commuting miles make up most of what I ride meaning less off-road miles. It also gives me an excuse to run less as I have been unmotivated when it comes to either getting up early or going out once I get home. On the other side work has involved trips over to Merseyside which has lead to some nice long commutes. I also rediscovered cyclocross and enjoyed it.

Mileagewise I have covered 8915miles in total, only 90 of that was running. Cycling has seen 6356miles (64% of total time) on the road. In total I have spent 802hours running or biking which is 33days. I am very happy with this milesage as this year has had its fair share of illness and some minor injury. Having my tonsils out in April meant there was very little done that month. I'm hoping 2012 allows me to be consitent.

Some highlights from the year:
So onto 2012 and what are the plans. More of the same really. I want to do some more touring type rides and some more bivvying, 2011 involved the Welsh Ride thing and that was it! Obviously a little bit of racing, I am hoping this year to do SITS as a pair and I am trying to decide about a 24solo, probably the nationals in April although I am a little concerned how quiet that will get when everyone riding the 12hour stops at midnight! Otherwise there are people out there I haven't ridden with enough this year so more effort riding with people.

Hope you have all had a great 2011 and here's to more fun in 2012.


  1. Yay for new best friends! =D

    Massively impressed with all your achievements this year and hoping that your influence will rub off on me.

  2. what a year! hope 2012 is just as fun filled for you. keep up the running ;)